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Save Time, Improve Quality

Use PlanIQTM as a patient-specific solution to both measure and improve plan quality. Get instant feedback on the feasibility of achieving established clinical goals, and know when they can be tightened to achieve what is possible for each patient. Quantitative scorecards measure treatment plan quality with easy to comprehend metrics that reflect your clinical goals. It’s that simple, and that powerful.

Eliminate the plan quality gap, and save time in the process.

PlanIQ makes sense of your clinical goals on a patient-specific basis, and tells you not only if the goals are feasible, but how you can do better. PlanIQ scores your treatment plans based on clinical goals and feasibility, quantifying treatment plan quality. The result? PlanIQ eliminates the infinite loop on what is achievable, and what is quality.

Clinical Goals Feasibility & Improvement

With PlanIQ, stop wasting time on unachievable goals and tighten goals that may be too easy.

Plan Quality Scoring

PlanIQ provides quantifiable plan quality scoring benchmarks and drives continual improvement.


Use PlanIQ as a gatekeeper for knowledge based automated treatment planning systems.


Stay in compliance for accreditation, audit documentation, facilitate Peer Review, and more with PlanIQ.

Clinical Goals Feasibility and Improvement

Optimize clinical goals to be challenging yet achievable

Find the Right Clinical Goals

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Plan Quality Scorecards

Quantifiable plan quality that drives continued improvement

Find the Right Clinical Goals

S4  Patient Specific Scorecards

Feasibility DVH™ answers these questions:

Are the clinical goals achievable?

What is my DVH? Can I do better?

Clinical Goals Feasibility & Improvement

Before treatment planning begins, PlanIQ tells you the patient-specific feasibility of your clinical goals and makes recommendations to improve them. Target, OAR and overall plan quality are summarized from “acceptable” to “ideal”. This results in better plans, and saves you and your staff precious time.

Plan Quality Scoring

PlanIQ provides much more than simple pass/fail results for DVH objectives. Choose from over 70 site-specific and customizable protocol libraries. Based on your clinical goals, every target and OAR receives a quality score, and the treatment plan receives a Plan Quality Metric (PQM) score and an Adjusted PQM (APQM)1 score customized to the patient-specific feasibility analysis.

Plan Quality Scoring

Eclipse® RapidPlan

Use PlanIQ as the Gate Keeper for your RapidPlan model. Ensure only the highest quality plans are used in your RapidPlan library, and verify the quality of plans generated by RapidPlan. Use PlanIQ OAR feasibility analysis for plan optimization.

Pinnacle3 AutoPlanning

Use PlanIQ to get quick, quantitative plan quality assessment of plans generated by SmartPlan. Use PlanIQ OAR feasibility for plan optimization.


Accreditation Documentation & Continual Improvement

PlanIQ’s Quality Reports™ feature provides automated and comprehensive treatment plan reports which satisfy accreditation audit requirements.

Facilitate Peer Review with a shareable, interactive file that contains all of the necessary information for a comprehensive review and approval.

Easily demonstrate your treatment plan quality continual improvement progress and statistical distributions with PlanIQ.


Complying with AAPM TG-53 is easier with PlanIQ. Verify your plan quality and metrics remain constant, and audit your TPS DVH calculations and parameters.

FAQ & Publications

Q: How does PlanIQ save planning time?

A: Plan IQ saves planning time in two ways. PlanIQ alerts you at the very start of the planning process if any of the prescribed clinical goals for a specific patient are not achievable. This saves time for clinical staff involved in treatment planning and plan approval, because time is not wasted discovering and debating what is achievable. PlanIQ also provides DVH Feasibility curves for each target and OAR to help you know what clinical goals are appropriate for a specific patient. Through the plan quality metric (PQM) score, a Clinician can confidently know during the planning process whether they have reached realistic limits achievable for a specific patient’s plan through comparison against accumulated quality metric scores for the same/similar treatment site.

Q: How does PlanIQ improve plan quality?

A: PlanIQ improves quality in several ways. Feasibility DVHs alert you if a better DVH is attainable and if so, how difficult it will be to achieve those values. This feedback is provided in real time and aids the treatment planner in the optimization of treatment plans. Plan Quality Metrics, for the entire plan, as well as for all targets and OARs, provide quality scoring that allows you to quantitatively assess quality for a given patient and a given protocol. This scoring goes well beyond simple pass/fail criteria for clinical goals and objectives. Choose from over 70 pre-defined recommended protocols from RTOG, TG-101, Quantec, and more, to grade your specific plan quality. PlanIQ also provides the ability to modify protocols or create new ones based on your specific practice guidelines. Knowledge based auto-planning relies on a library of high quality plans to generate high quality plans automatically, otherwise it is garbage in, garbage out. PlanIQ allows you to qualify treatment plans before they are added into the knowledge based auto-planning library, ensuring you have the best quality plans from which to commission and base your auto-planning on.

Q: Is PlanIQ simply checking my clinical goals (objectives)?

A: No, PlanIQ does much more than simply verify if clinical goals were achieved. First, PlanIQ validates if your clinical goals are achievable using a unique and patented process, and provides clear feedback on what is clinically achievable for each OAR. This saves time and drives higher quality plans before planning even begins. Second, PlanIQ evaluates the specific anatomy of a patient and their treatment plan, and assigns a PQM (Plan Quality Metric) score to the overall plan, and individual scores to each target and OAR. This also drives quality improvement.

Q: Is PlanIQ typically run for every patient plan?

A: This depends on the clinic and their specific goals and challenges. PlanIQ is complementary to every TPS (as long as it exports DICOM) and can be utilized for VMAT, IMRT, and 3D plans. The only requirements are importing the RT Structure Set and loading the physician goals.

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