MICRO Family

MICRO Family

Fixed Laser System for Diagnostic Imaging & Radiation Therapy

  • New design for serviceability and durability
  • Remotely control laser positioning with ease — to an accuracy of 0.15 mm
  • Choose from red, green or blue wavelengths

Patient-Centered, Workflow-Focused

Designed with clinical focus, MICRO+™ Fixed Lasers increase confidence in alignment accuracy and simplify your workflow. Laser line widths of ≤0.5 mm for all colors (blue, green, or red), and industry-leading lengths of ≥4 meters at 3 meters, offer precision and flexibility for your workflow.

Reinforced housing offers reliability, with tool-less entry for easy serviceability. Remote control backlighting helps visibility in darkly lit rooms, and Bluetooth technology enables intuitive positioning adjustments.

Flexible Options

Based on the unique needs of your clinical environment, Sun Nuclear offers MICRO+™, MICRO+™ MR, and MICRO™ fixed laser systems.

MICRO+ Fixed Lasers


  • Elegant, all-in-one system for radiation therapy workflows
  • No additional costs or external receivers
  • Smart design features include:
    • Remote backlighting for ease of use in dark rooms
    • Remote locator in case of misplacement
  • OneTouch™ control of any laser increases efficiencies at every step
  • With the omni-directional remote, you no longer have to point the remote at the laser during adjustments

MICRO+ Configurations

S3 Configurations New

3-Laser System - 3 Crosshair Lasers

S3 Configurations 2

4-Laser System - 3 Crosshair Lasers, 1 Sagittal Laser

MICRO+ MR Fixed Laser System for MR Simulation & MR Linacs


  • Remotely control laser positioning with ease – to an accuracy of 0.15 mm
  • MR-compatible system up to 3 Tesla
  • Mounts to wall or ceiling, keeping MR rooms organized
  • Available as 3-unit or 4-unit
    • Each with three color options – red, green, or blue
  • Includes MRI-compliant power supply kit
Micro Mr3

MICRO+ MR Configurations

S3 Configurations New Mr

3-Laser System - 3 Crosshair Lasers

S3 Configurations New Mr B

4-Laser System - 3 Crosshair Lasers, 1 Sagittal Laser

Zero Interference System Offerings

MICRO+ MR systems are available as a 3-unit or 4-unit offering, each with three color options: red, green, or blue. All systems include a power supply designed to convert AC to DC outside of the Faraday cage, cable/connectors to run DC power through the Filter Panel before entering the MR environment, and a Junction Box to distribute DC power to each individual laser unit.

Filter Panel Interface - Planning

Power going into an MR suite is filtered for low frequency noise at the penetration panel. Each site should work with their RF shield designer to ensure a filtered 9-pin D-sub connection is available for lasers at the Penetration Panel. MICRO+ MR includes D-sub connectors to field terminate cables that will pass power through the Panel. Contact your RF shield designer to ensure lasers are included in the site plan.


3-Unit System 4-Unit System
Color Choice - One Price: Red, Green, Blue Red, Green, Blue
MICRO+ MR Crosshair Units: 3 3
MICRO+ MR Saggital (Line) Units: NA 1
Remote Control (with wrist strap): 1 1
MR Power Supply (AC/DC): 1 1
MR Junction Box (1 in/4 output): 1 1
Cable, 18 AWG: 61 m (200 ft) 91 m (300 ft)
MR Filter/Penetration Panel Connectors: 2 - Female 9-pin D-sub Connectors, 1 – D-subgender changer 2 - Female 9-pin D-sub Connectors, 1 – D-subgender changer

MICRO+ & MICRO+ MR Specifications

Adjustment Type: Hand held remote control
Degrees of Movement/Freedom: 6
Left - Right: ≥ ± 15 mm
Up - Down: ≥ ± 15 mm
Rotation: ≥ ± 5°
Horizontal Tilt (yaw): ≥ ± 5°
Vertical Tilt (pitch): ≥ ± 5°
Focus Range: 1.5 m - 4 m
Adjustment Accuracy: 0.15 mm
Adjustments Speed: Slow – Ultra accurate steps(0.15 mm) for each touch of the control
Medium - Hold the control for continuous motion
Fast – Continue to hold the control for faster speeds and larger movements
Remote Technology: Bluetooth & infrared
Remote Receiver: Integrated
Remote Operational Range: >10 m
Remote Locator: “Find remote” option on each laser
Number of Lasers per Remote: 6
Laser Selection: OneTouch automatic laser and remote pairing
Line Width (All Colors): ≤ 0.5 mm for all colors @ 4 m
Line Length: ≥ 4 meter @ 3 m
Laser Type: Diode
Laser Output: < 1 mW
Power Supply: 100 – 240 volt (auto select)
Dimensions: 216 mm × 134 mm × 80 mm (H×W×D)
Weight: < 1 kg
Available Colors: Wavelength 635 nm Red
Wavelength 515 nm Green
Wavelength 450 nm Blue
Installation Options: Wall mount ± 45o (with optional tilt and adapter bracket)
Post mount (optional for MICRO+ only)


Gammex is a ISO13485 certified medical device manufacturer. Made in the USA. Complies with Center for Devices and Radiological Health regulations for Class II lasers and all CE requirements.
(21 CFR 1040) (IEC 60601) (IEC 60825-1) (MDD 93/42/EEC)

MICRO Fixed Lasers


  • Diode-based system from the leader in high quality lasers
  • Compact dimensions and low-weight design allow easy installation
  • Choose from red, green or blue wavelengths

S5 Micro Sm


Power (mW): <1.0
Range (m): Up to 6
Line Width: ≥0.5 mm @ 4 m
Line Length: ≥2 meter @ 4 m
Available Colors: Red, Green or Blue
Wavelength Red (nm): 635
Wavelength Green (nm): 515
Wavelength Blue (nm): 450

Laser Beam Adjustment

Coarse Planar (mm): ±7.6 horizontal and vertical
Coarse Angular: ±25° horizontal
Fine Angular: ±3.5° horizontal and vertical
Line Rotation: ±180°

Laser Dimensions

Length (mm): 164
Width (mm): 110
Depth (mm): 76
Weight (g): 725


Complies with Center for Devices and Radiological Health regulations 21 CFR 1040 for Class I I lasers and all CE requirements Certified to: IEC 60601 (Safety); IEC 60825-1(Laser). Gammex is an I SO13485 certified medical device manufacturer.