CT SIM+ with RapidSIM

CT SIM+ with RapidSIM

Patient-Centered Moveable Lasers for PET/CT Simulation

  • Accuracy at the patient of +/-0.5 mm
  • Laser line widths of ≤0.5 mm for all colors
  • Industry-leading lengths of ≥ 4 meters
    at 3 meters
  • A single price for all wavelengths - red, green or blue

Newly Redesigned to Better Fit Your Workflow

The CT SIM+™ moveable laser system has been designed from the ground up to support your PET/CT Simulation workflow. Unmatched precision and accuracy provide enhanced confidence for patient safety. A modern, unassuming design combined with accessible software allows your team to work unimpeded by physical or technological barriers.

Features & Benefits

Laser System Highlights

  • Reinforced housing offers reliability, and sleek, modern design fits in seamlessly in any clinical space
  • Tool-free entry supports easy serviceability
  • Flexible configurations available
    • 3-arm or 5-arm configurations available for wall/ceiling, posts, and bridge
  • Integrated anti-reflection window and surfaces to eliminate diffraction or reflections
  • Patient-centered accuracy
    • +/- 0.5 mm at 3.0 meters
  • Laser line widths of ≤0.5 mm for all colors
  • Laser line lengths of ≥4 meters at 3 meters for ease of positioning

RapidSIM™ Software Highlights

  • Advanced software accessible from touchscreen monitor and in-room tablet reads and directs lasers to the correct coordinates
  • Flexible levels of automation, based on your needs:
    • IsoDRIVE™ mode works with all OEM technology to retrieve the coordinates from your TPS, and automatically moves the lasers into position
      • A three-tiered feedback loop that takes input from the optical strip, optical encoder, and software confirms when proper laser placement has been achieved.
    • DICOM mode allows single point selection, driven by the user
    • Manual mode allows the user to manually enter coordinate information




3 Arm Wall Ceiling Iso2


5 Arm Wall Ceiling Iso



3 Arm Posts Ceiling Iso


5 Arm Posts Ceiling Iso



3 Bridge Iso


  • Maximizes space in scanner room
  • Cleaner room design/layout
  • Lasers tucked away safely from carts and stretchers


  • Floor-mounted lateral lasers replace wall installation
  • Ceiling laser installed to uni-strut or other solid structure
  • Constructed of extruded aluminum for strength and durability


  • Install in new or existing rooms without need for expensive renovations
  • Multiple cable entry points for easy management
  • Constructed of extruded aluminum for strength and durability

Custom configurations available, depending on room size and layout.


Laser Output

Power (mW): <1.0
Range (m): Up to 6
Line Width: ≤0.5 mm for all colors @ 4 m
Line Length: ≥4 m @ 3 m
Available Colors: Wavelength 635 nm Red
Wavelength 515 nm Green
Wavelength 450 nm Blue


Length of Travel: 70 cm
Mechanical Resolution: 0.02 mm
Projected Laser Accuracy at the Patient: ±0.5 mm at 3.0 m


Wall Post Bridge
Length (cm): 119.1/46.9 177.0/69.7 253.9/100.0
Width (cm): 20.1/7.9 20.1/7.9 26.7/10.5
Depth (cm): 11.9/4.7 11.9/4.7 11.9/4.7


Complies with Center for Devices and Radiological Health regulations 21 CFR 1040 for Class II lasers and all CE requirements

Certified to: IEC 60601 (Safety); IEC 60825-1 (Laser). 510(k) clearance (K152303). Gammex is an ISO13485 certified medical device manufacturer.

Power Requirements

Voltage: 110/240 VAC (auto-select)

Wireless Connectivity

Wifi: 802.11 b/g/n
CT Sim+ Moveable Lasers