SunCHECK Machine

SunCHECK Machine

Comprehensive Machine QA

  • Daily, Monthly, Annual QA (SNC Routine™)
  • Direct Device Connectivity (SNC Routine™)
  • Imaging, MLC and VMAT QA (SNC Machine™)

Drive Efficiency and Consistency

SunCHECK™ Machine integrates all your Machine QA needs – from Daily Output checks to Annual QA tasks, and everything in between.

Section 1A

Through a single web-based software application, all data and results are stored in the central SunCHECK database. With direct device connectivity and control.

You have one point of access to Machine QA data, protocols and operation. This provides visibility for all stakeholders, and easy verification that your QA tasks are on-time and complete.

Get More from Your Machines

With SunCHECK Machine, you drive efficiency and critical consistency across locations, machines and staff. In turn, you are able to satisfy requirements of TG-142, TG-51 and your internal requirements.

  • Daily, Monthly, Annual QA SNC Routine™
    Ensure standardization among machines and clinics with shared tolerances. Apply ready-to-use, but customizable templates for efficient QA. No more spreadsheets!
  • Direct Device Connectivity SNC Routine™
    Automate beam measurement with direct
    device integration to Sun Nuclear’s Daily QA™ 3 and IC PROFILER™. Eliminate the need for additional software and transfer of data. Complete your entire TG-142 QA without ever leaving the SunCHECK application.
  • Imaging, MLC and VMAT QA SNC Machine™
    Simply deliver test beams. The acquired image or log file data is automatically processed and analyzed. Results are presented clearly, and immediately. Plus, the phantoms you most commonly use are seamlessly supported.

“To ensure patient safety, completion
and results of on-time QA must be easy
locate and interpret.”

Source: AAPM TG-142

The SunCHECK Dashboard: Focus on What's Next

A single view presents all Machine and Patient-focused QA. Quickly select the task you need to complete your Daily, Monthly and Annual QA.


Integrated Machine QA in Action

Daily QA

TG-142 pre-set templates support Daily QA. Simply connect your Daily QA 3 device for automated data collection – no transfer of information needed! Templates are provided by modality and can be easily customized to fit your needs.

Monthly QA

Directly connect your IC PROFILER™ and take advantage
of efficient TG-142 templates for easy Monthly (and Annual) QA. Image-based tests for Imaging and MLC QA, plus VMAT QA, are included. Simply deliver the test beam, then accept or reject results on your terms and timeframe.

Annual QA

Execute your Annual QA protocols with flexibility and convenience, including TG-51 measurements and analysis. Your data is automatically saved, and you can keep a machine’s Annual QA template “In Progress” over a period of time. Just mark it “Complete” when done.

In-Depth Machine Analysis

Ease your team’s access to complete data and meaningful results.

With SunCHECK Machine, all the information you need is within easy reach. You can drill down into the data, in multiple ways, to correlate test results. You can conduct proactive machine management based on powerful trending tools. And, you can easily set up customized QA templates that allow for standardized practices across multiple linacs, facilities or even network-wide.

The end result is increased confidence, and streamlined compliance with your reporting and accreditation requirements.

Imaging, MLC and VMAT QA

All image-based tests for TG-142 imaging and mechanical QA, plus VMAT QA, are included in SunCHECK Machine. Simply deliver the test beam and SunCHECK Machine does the rest. Accept or reject results on your terms and timeframe.

Imaging Tests:

  • Image Quality
  • CBCT
  • kV
  • MV

MLC/Mechanical Tests:

  • MLC
    • Picket Fence
    • Log File Positioning
    • Leaf Speed
    • Hancock MLC
  • Winston-Lutz Isocenter
    • Radiation
    • Machine
    • Hancock Winston-Lutz
  • Starshot
    • Gantry
    • Couch
    • Collimator
  • Light/Radiation Field Coincidence
  • Beam
    • Field Size
    • Flatness
    • Symmetry

VMAT Tests:

  • Dose Rate versus Gantry Speed
  • Leaf Speed
  • Arc Point Dose
  • DMLC Point Dose

Hancock Winston-Lutz Results

SunCHECK Machine Specifications

Supported Tasks and Tests

Supported Tasks and Tests

TG-142 Tasks: Includes all 127 tasks defined in TG-142, tables 1-6
Imaging: Imaging, MLC, VMAT, CBCT Image Quality, kV Image Quality, MV Image Quality
MLC/Mechanical: MLC Picket Fence, MLC Positioning & Leaf Speed, Hancock MLC, Winston-Lutz Radiation & Machine Isocenter, Hancock Winston-Lutz, Gantry/Couch/Collimator Starshot, Light/Radiation Congruence
Beam: Field Size, Beam Flatness, Beam Symmetry
VMAT: Dose Rate versus Gantry Speed, Leaf Speed, Arc Point Dose, DMLC Point Dose

Connected Sun Nuclear Devices

Connected Sun Nuclear Devices

Daily QA 3: 5 Beam Quality Check and Real-Time Results
IC PROFILER and Optional Quad Wedges: Full-Field Measurements of X, Y, Diagonals for Close Dosimetric Match to Water Tanks

Phantom Compatibility

Phantom Compatability

Sun Nuclear: MV-QA, kV-QA, FS-QA, WL-QA
Gammex: ACR 464 Phantom
Standard Imaging: PipsPro Phantoms
Phantom Laboratory: CatPhan 503, 504, 600, 604
Leeds: TOR 18FG
Varian: Las Vegas Phantom
PTW: EPID QC Phantom

SNC Phantom


Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 60 mm
Sphere Size: 7.0 mm
Sphere center accuracy: .2 mm
S7  Wl  Qa


Field sizes: 100 x 100 mm; 150 x 150 mm
Markers (±0.1mm): 56 - Field siz e (7 per field edge) 1 - Orientation
Dimensions: (L x W x D): 178 x 178 x 6 mm
S7  Fs  Qa


MV Line pairs: 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1.0 ± 0.025 mm
kV Line pairs: 0.6, 1.2, 1.8, 2.4 ± 0.01 mm
MV ROI: 9 (4 spatial, 4 contrast, 1 center)
kV ROI: 28 (4 spatial, 23 contrast, 1 center)
MV Dimensions: (L x W x D) 127 x 102 x 25 mm
kV Dimensions: (L x W x D) 127 x 127 x 16 mm
S7  Mv  Qa K V  Qa