Daily Isocenter Checks Made Easy

Ensure your daily alignment checks are fast and effective with the MultiPHAN daily alignment phantom. MultiPHAN is the ideal solution for verifying all your image guidance and alignment systems -- from lasers to EPIDs to CBCT.

Features & Benefits

TG-142 requires confirmation that imaging system isocenters match the treatment isocenter, and that repositioning can be performed accurately. This is important to ensure that a patient, who may be imaged and repositioned with a variety of different systems, can ultimately be aligned with the radiation treatment isocenter.

MultiPHAN is simple, yet comprehensive, and can validate the alignment of:

  • Treatment beam isocenter
  • Light field
  • Lasers
  • CBCT
  • kV imaging (e.g. OBI)
  • TomoTherapy MVCT
  • Treatment couch
  • Optical Guidance systems

In addition, MultiPHAN can test registration and repositioning using an offset target. The optional stand is custom designed to work with the two non-metallic internal markers to make repositioning tests simple and precise. The stand also enables easy testing of rotational adjustments and 6D couch-based repositioning.

MultiPHAN can also be used for daily ODI checks.

Blended Cube 2

Use positioning stand to easily and precisely shift the MultiPHAN from an isocentric alignment to the offset target. The stand can also enact rotations to test registration and 6D repositioning by utilizing two kickstands, one for Roll and one for Pitch.

Software Highlights

Software Collage 2

Easing TG-142 Requirements

The SunCHECK™ Machine Platform provides all 127 tasks, as defined by TG-142. Collect your alignment data with the MultiPHAN and enter it into SunCHECK Machine for simple storage of all your TG-142 data.


Alignment System: 5 bone-equivalent rods, easy to visualize and register on the linac; compatible with CBCT, MV EPID, kV imaging, 6D couches, and more
Isocenter Marker: Low-Z ceramic bead. Encircled by a groove on cube faces to check alignment in planar images
Offset Marker: Low-Z ceramic bead at a fixed offset from isocenter, for registration and repositioning
Light Field Test: Scribe lines corresponding to a 10 cm x 10 cm light field
Tissue Equivalent: HE CT Solid Water® base construction, with Gammex bone-mimicking registration rods
Easy Alignment: Thin white laser scribe lines extend the full phantom length for fast and accurate alignment
Stand: Easily and precisely shift the cube from an isocentric alignment to the offset target with this discrete-positioning stand. The stand can also enact rotations to test registration and 6D repositioning.
Case: Included
Dimensions: 14 cm x 14 cm x 14 cm
Weight: 2.7 kg (6.0 lbs)