Daily QA3

Daily QA3

Daily QA Accelerated

  • World's most trusted and chosen daily Linac Quality Assurance system
  • Real-time integration with database driven Daily QA and SunCHECK™ Enterprise Quality Management Software
  • Optimal geometry of 25 ion chambers and SunPoint® Diode Detectors perform 5 tests at once: output, flatness, symmetry, energy, light radiation field coincidence

Daily QA Accelerated

Daily QA3 sets the standard for efficient and powerful routine QA. A single beam measurement results in five beam quality checks. Accepted data is automatically written to a database in real time, where it is available for trending, review and analysis. It’s that simple, and that powerful.

Features & Benefits

  • Five beam quality checks
    • Output, flatness, symmetry, field size, energy
  • Supports rotational and FFF beams
  • No flipping or additional buildup required for any test or energy
  • 13 ion chambers measure output, flatness, symmetry, energy
  • 12 SunPoint® Diode Detectors measure light radiation field coincidence
  • Automatic temperature and pressure corrections
  • Integrated buildup; no additional buildup required
  • Daily test queue two-step operation - ‘Start’ to begin queue, and ‘Record’ to accept
  • Real-time measurements – view data instantly
  • Use different Daily QA 3 devices for a template without creating a new baseline
  • Export PDF reports

Wireless Option - rf-Daily QA™3

  • Cable-free, wireless
  • Keeps cables off treatment room floor
  • Supports enhanced safety
  • Uses rf connection for reliability

After a measurement is accepted, all collected data is saved for statistical analysis and reporting. Recording data will also initiate the next test. Users can conduct a new test, scheduled or unscheduled, at any time and data is saved in the database.

Daily QA 3 software provides a graphical presentation of data for each template. Users have the option to choose which data parameters to view and over what period to view them. A single measurement instance can be examined by clicking on a data point which corresponds to a particular day.

SunCHECK™ Integration

The SunCHECK Platform has direct device integration to
Daily QA 3 to support out-of-the-box coverage of all your
TG-142 Daily QA needs.

Daily QA

TG-142 pre-set templates support Daily QA. Simply connect your Daily QA 3 device for automated data collection – no transfer of information needed! Templates are provided by modality and can be easily customized to fit your needs.


S5  Daily Qa3 Diagram
Detector Type: SunPoint® Diode Detectors Vented Ion Chambers
Detector Spacing (mm): Diodes: 5.0
Chamber Active Value (cm3): Electron: 0.6
Photon: 0.3
Field Size (cm): 20 x 20
Inherent Buildup (g/cm2): Chambers: 1.0 ± 0.1
Inherent Backscatter (cm): 2.3
Electron Energy Attenuation: Air, Cu, Al, Fe
Radiation Measured: Electrons, 4 MeV to 25 MeV
Photons, Co-60 to 25 MV
Rf Frequency (rf-Daily QA 3) (GHz): 2.400 to 2.485
Operating System: Windows XP or Windows 7, any edition (32-64 bit)
Dimensions L/W/H (cm): 25.6 x 40.8 x 4.6
Weight (kg): 5.7
Number Of Connection Cables: Single power / data cable

Optional Accessory

Use the IMF to position the Daily QA 3 or rf-Daily QA 3 at isocenter and measure at any gantry angle.