Daily QA™-MR

Daily QA™-MR

Simplify Your MR Linac Morning QA

As the first commercially available daily QA device for MR-linacs, Daily QA™-MR supports faster beam quality checks in the presence of magnetic fields.

Features & Benefits

With single beam measurement results for Output, Transverse, and Axial Symmetry, the Daily QA-MR enables efficient routine QA. Accepted data is automatically written to a database in real-time, and is immediately available for trending, review and analysis.

  • Supports 3 beam quality checks: Output, Transvers, and Axial Symmetry
  • Built upon the Daily QA™ 3 gold-standard design, reconfigured to support MR environments
  • No additional buildup required for any test or energy
  • 13 ion chambers and 12 SunPoint® Diode detectors available for measurements
  • Automatic temperature and pressure corrections
  • Real-time measurements — view data instantly
  • Export PDF reports


Calibration Fixture
Calibration fixture also included with every Daily QA-MR for device calibration.

Use the standard lok-bar to position the Daily QA-MR device on the MR-linac couch for accurate, reproducible daily positioning.


Detector Type: SunPoint® Diode Detectors and Vented Ion Chambers
Detector Spacing (mm): Diodes: 5.0
Chamber Active Value (cm3): Photon: 0.3
Measured Field Size (cm): 20 x 20
Inherent Buildup (g/cm2): 0.84
Inherent Backscatter (g/cm2): 1.7
Radiation Measured: Photon 6 MV and 7 FFF
Operating System: Windows 10 Professional or Windows 7, any edition (32-64 bit)
Dimensions W/L/H (cm): 26.01 x 41.54 x 3.74
Weight (kg): 3.6
Compatible TPSs: Elekta Unity, ViewRay® MRIdian®
Accessories: Included Lok-Bar and Calibration Fixture
Number of Connection Cables: Single power / data cable, PIM Cable, HV Cable
MR Compatibility: The Daily QA-MR and its associated cabling, stand, and accessories do not contain ferromagnetic material in amounts that would result in magnetically induced displacement forces that exceed those specified in ASTM F2052-15 for field strengths up to 1.5 T.