Enhanced Penumbra Without Signal Compromise

SNC125c is a waterproof, fully-guarded, thimble ionization chamber with a design that reduces the convolution of high-dose gradient regions during profile and depth measurements. It is intended for use in scanning, field, and reference dosimetry measurements.

Features & Benefits

  • Enhanced penumbra without loss of signal strength
  • Easier set up
    • The seam on the chamber body between black and white indicates correct set up of the detector in relation to the detector holder1
    • The white chamber body gives a clear line of sight to the crosshairs and lasers during set up and set up verification
  • True measurement
    • Using a smaller inner diameter size results in a truer measurement of high dose gradients
  • Meets IEC 60731 standards for reference class dosimeters
  • No need for secondary water-proofing
  • Triaxial BNC and TNC type connectors available

Chamber Comparisons When Measured by a 3D SCANNER

Optimized to work with the 3D SCANNER, the SNC125c always maintains the ideal orientation while performing scans.

The SNC125c has the sensitivity of a 0.125 cm3 penumbra closer to a micro chamber.

S3  Chamber Comparisons Chart


Active Volume (cm3): 0.108
Active Length (mm): 7.05
Active Diameter (mm): 4.75
Sensitivity (nC/Gy): 3.4
Wall Material: Paint 0.05 mm
PMMA 0.30 mm
Graphite 0.25 mm
Electrode: 0.8 mm diameter aluminum
Vented: To atmosphere throughwaterproof tubing
Waterproofing: Viton tubing
Polarizing Voltage: ±400V Max
Cable Length (m): 1.5
Cable Connector: TNC or BNC
S4  Diagram