Sono410 Full Contact Phantoms

Gain greater flexibility to meet more QA program requirements.

  • Featuring Full Contact curved surface to improve coupling between convex transducers and the phantom scanning window
  • Includes patented HE (High Equivalency) Gel
  • Ensure efficient testing across entire frequency range

Gammex’s latest collaborative development has been designed to easily and efficiently meet your changing needs in maintaining uniformity and accurate QC measurements.

Our first phantom with the Full Contact curved scanning surface, Sono410:

  • Allows you to invert the phantom 180 degrees, and use the patented flat scanning surface for linear arrays
  • Exceeds ACR, ECR, AIUM and other international program requirements

Performance measures include:

  • Image uniformity
  • Artifact surveys
  • Lateral resolution
  • Horizontal and vertical distance
  • Depth of penetration
  • Signal-to-noise ratio
  • Anechoic and echogenic mass resolution
  • Gray scale contrast resolution

"The tissue-like properties in Gammex ultrasound phantoms make them ideal for testing the performance of scanners."

James A. Zagzebski, Ph.D., FAAPM
Professor Emeritus, Retired Chair
Department of Medical Physics,
Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research

Sono410 Full-Contact Phantoms

  • HE Gel’s response of attenuation-to-frequencies above 8 MHz supports accurate penetration depth representative of human tissue.1,2
  • Check resolution against published limiting values using the targets at 80 and 150 mm.
  • HE Gel is very uniform and has a nonlinearity parameter (B/A) that is equivalent to human liver.
  • HE Gel can be rejuvenated and your phantom re-validated any time to strengthen your investment.


HE Gel™: Gammex’s multi-frequency tissue mimicking material

Attenuation Coefficient3: 0.5 or 0.7 dB/cm/MHz
Variation of Attenuation with Frequency1,4: f1.08 at 0.5 dB/cm/MHz
f1.1 at 0.7 dB/cm/MHz
HE Gel Freezing Point: < 0°C
HE Gel Melting Point: >100°C
Frequency Range2: 2 - 18 MHz
Speed of Sound: 1540 m/s
Anechoic Cysts: 10 Cysts, 1, 2, 3 and 7 mm diameter
Features Sono410 SCG
Patented Curved Scanning Surface: Full Contact
Anechoic Cysts/Depth of Visualization: 12 Cysts, 1, 2, 4 and 8 mm diameter
Grey Scale Targets: 6 Targets, 8 mm diameter
Horizontal Geometry Groups: 3
Vertical Geometry Targets: 7
Tissue Mimicking Material, Patented Multi-Frequency HE Gel:
Scanning Surface, Patented Composite Film:
Uniformity Assessments:
Geometry Assessments:
Sensitivity Assessments:
Resolution Assessments:
Depth of Penetration:
Dead Zone Detection:
Harmonic Imaging:
Anechoic Cysts:
Grey Scale Targets:

  1. Browne, J., Ramnarine, K., Watson, A., Hoskins, P., Assessment of the Acoustic Properties of Common Tissue-mimicking Test Phantoms. Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, Vol. 29 (7), pp. 1053-1060, 2003.
  2. Goldstein, A., The Effect of Acoustic Velocity on Phantom Measurements. Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, Vol. 26, pp. 1133-1143, 2003.
  3. An attenuation coefficient of 0.5 dB/cm/MHz represents healthy human liver tissue and 0.7 dB/cm/MHz represents fatty liver tissue.
  4. Near-linear responses of attenuation with frequencies between 2 to 18 MHz support accurate axial resolution and penetration depth representative of human tissue.


  • Precision Transducer Holder
    • Securely holds a transducer in a precise location for reproducible tests over time
    • Fits all Gammex B-Mode & Doppler Flow phantoms
  • Padded travel case with shoulder strap