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Ultrasound QA

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Count on our expertise to enhance your confidence with consistent diagnostic image quality.

HE Gel and Rejuvenation Program

Our Doppler Flow and Sono (B-Mode Phantoms are the only ultrasound phantoms on the market that can be rejuvenated and re-validated. Coupled with our patented HE (High Equivalency) Gel, the Rejuvenation Program can help extend the life of your phantoms for up to 10 years.

Frequency Range: 2-18 MHz
Speed of Sound: 1540 ± 10 m/s
Attenuation Coefficient: 0.5 or 0.7 dB/cm/MHz
Variation of Attenuation f1.08 at .05 dB/cm/MHz
with frequency: f1.1 at 0.7 dB/cm/MHz

Sono Transducer Holder

Designed to securely hold a transducer in a precise location for reproducible tests, the Sono Transducer Holder fits all Gammex Doppler Flow and Sono Phantoms, except the Sono408 Spherical Lesion Phantom.