Breast Biopsy Phantoms


Breast Biopsy Phantoms

Proficiency in Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Procedures

  • Train and perform system accuracy checks (Stereotactic Phantom)
  • Dynamically locate lesions and practice biopsy skills (Ultrasound Phantom)

Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Phantom

The automated stereotactic breast biopsy procedure depends on several variables for accurate needle placement. Physicians and technologists use the this disposable phantom (model 164A) to become proficient and confident in performing these procedures, and to check performance accuracy of the stereotactic biopsy system.

  • Multiple radiopaque lesions are imbedded in the Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Phantom
    • Solid gel lesions sized between 2 to 5 mm for practicing core biopsies
    • Liquid dye lesions for fine needle aspiration
  • Clear gel encased in a soft vinyl for easy compression and a skin-like resistance to needle insertion
S7 164B

Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Phantom Specifications

Construction: Gel with attenuation properties similar to breast tissue
Outer casing: Vinyl
Multiple Radiopaque Lesions: 2 to 5 mm
Materials: Solid Gel for core biopsy; Liquid dye for fine needle aspiration
Storage Temperature: 5 - 32° C (40 to 90°F)
Dimensions(L/W/H): 21 x 6 x 11 cm
Weight: 1.06 kg (2.4 lb)

Ultrasound Breast Biopsy Phantom

The Ultrasound Breast Biopsy Phantom (model 429) allows you and your team to fine tune your biopsy skills using ultrasound to dynamically locate lesions and practice needle placement. Eleven lesions are placed at varying depths filled with water, green fill and semi-translucent fill, providing visual check for the user to differentiate between the mass and the surrounding tissue. This is important to determine biopsy success.

  • Lesions for fine needle aspirations

    • 3 water-filled
  • Solid masses for core biopsies

    • 4 hyperechoic
    • 4 hypoechoic
  • Gain core biopsy skills

    • Develop hand-eye coordination
    • Develop efficient and effective scanning techniques
S6 429 2

Ultrasound Breast Biopsy Phantom Specifications

Fluid-filled Cysts: 3 cysts, 12 to 15 mm diameter
High Contrast Lesions: Solid masses, 7 to 10 mm diameter
Low Contrast Lesions: 4 solid masses, 7 to 10 mm diameter
Storage Temperature: 0° to 40° C
Diameter: 12.7 cm
Height: 7.6 cm
Weight: 625 g (1 lb. 6 oz.)