SRS Patient QA, No Film

  • SRS patient specific QA and end-to-end testing
  • Film replacement for small field dosimetry

SRS Patient QA, No Film

The SRS MapCHECK can take the place of film for small-field dosimetry, in support of patient-specific QA. It was designed to insert into the StereoPHAN™, Sun Nuclear’s solution for stereotactic commissioning and end-to-end testing. These simple and powerful tools ease testing on all parts of the process.

Features & Benefits

  • Replaces film for patient-specific QA and end-to-end testing
    • Provides absolute and relative dose in a single measurement
  • Works with static field, rotational, FFF, cone and MLC fields
  • Integration
    • Designed to insert into StereoPHAN
    • Runs on SNC Patient™ software
  • Designed for Stereotactic Applications
    • Array size: 77 mm x 77 mm
    • 1,013 total SunPoint® II Diode Detectors in array (5 diodes in 5 mm cone)
    • Measures field sizes as small as 5 mm
Srs Spacing New2


Srs Map Check Diagram


Detector Type: SunPoint® 2 Diode Detectors
Detector Quantity: 1,013
Detector Spacing (mm): 2.47
Active Detector Area (mm x mm): 0.48 x 0.48
Array Size (mm): 77 x 77