Automated, TPS-Grade Secondary Calculations

  • Full, Independent 3D Volume Generation
  • Efficient Dose-to-Dose Evaluation
  • Seamless Integration with PerFRACTION

DoseCHECK is the independent, secondary 3D dose calculation solution for today’s radiation oncology department. It has been designed to seamlessly fit your workflow and meet your clinical needs—with verification of the full patient dose volume.

Efficient in All the Right Areas

DoseCHECK works with minimal user intervention, with no need to manually create, register or input patient plans into the system. Upon plan approval, simply push the DICOM files from your treatment planning system (TPS) to the application. DoseCHECK then verifies the full patient dose volume.

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Robust in the Right Ways

DoseCHECK uses a TPS-grade dose calculation algorithm as its foundation. This allows for a full 3D dose volume to be calculated with an algorithm independent of the TPS, and with the accuracy of the most advanced planning platforms. The result is a direct dose-to-dose comparison and true verification of physician intent. 

  • Exclusively licensed collapsed cone (CC) convolution/superposition (CS) algorithm
  • Complete suite of comparison tools, including:
    • Per-beam dose analysis, with reference points
    • 3D gamma analysis per plan and structure
    • Full 3D verification of TPS dose calculation
    • Clinical goal evaluations
    • DVH review and drill-down capabilities
  • TPS-grade performance
  • GPU acceleration

Using DoseCHECK and PerFRACTION together, clinicians can track the same Clinical Goals and point doses—from independent check to pre-treatment QA to any fraction during the treatment course.

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Compatible with Your Clinic

DoseCHECK comes with a pre-commissioned set of beam models for common energies, scaled to your machine’s reference dose. DoseCHECK also supports the planning systems and treatment modalities you use most, and is designed to help you get started quickly, and can grow to continually meet your needs.

Clinical Support

  • Elekta and Varian machines
  • Monaco®, Eclipse™, Pinnacle™, RayStation™
  • Photon beams (Conformal, IMRT, VMAT)
  • SRS/SBRT plans
  • 3D dose
  • Varian dynamic wedges and Elekta universal wedges
  • Electron beams (2D Calculations)
  • U.S. and International secondary dose calculation requirements (e.g. CPT 77300)
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DoseCHECK allows a direct comparison of doses at the calculation point to ensure the desired value is obtained with the established fluence and beam parameters.

Accessible and Scalable

DoseCHECK is a web-based application, easily accessed from anywhere in the clinic.

  • Access DoseCHECK on any networked computer
  • Use DoseCHECK separately from, or seamlessly with, the PerFRACTION™ patient QA application from Sun Nuclear
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DoseCHECK integrates seamlessly with the PerFRACTION patient QA workflow, enabling centralized analysis from secondary calculation of dose through delivery.

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"It can be reasonably postulated that verification of the dose distribution inside the patient was always the intent behind the secondary calculation process..."

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Secondary Calculations
Revisiting Rationale, Rethinking Methodology

Discover how DoseCHECK differs from traditional verification approaches, and why a new paradigm is needed now.

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