Modular DBT Phantom

Revolutionize 3D breast imaging QC.

  • Thoroughly test Tomosynthesis system stability and lesion detectability
  • Evaluate image quality and quantify targets in reconstructed planar images
  • Comply with developing protocol, including EUREF1 and AAPM Task Group 245

The Modular DBT Phantom by Gammex was developed in collaboration with medical physicists to assess system performance in detectability of pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions.

A range of simple to complex targets are precisely placed within tissue-equivalent breast, adipose and glandular materials.2 This uniquely flexible phantom design helps ensure efficiency across systems and test types. It can be used to evaluate Mammography and Tomosynthesis systems.


Save time and simplify Tomosynthesis QC

Whether your system uses angular range or step and shoot technology, the Modular DBT Phantom can support your needs. The phantom is designed for acceptance testing, daily and routine QC.

  • Easily insert or remove modules without tools to match your QC protocol
  • Automatically align to the chest wall for reproducible tests
  • Minimize image artifacts and ghosting
S2 Product Dicom

​Tomosynthesis reconstruction showing BBs aligned in the x, y, and z-axis in a 4.5 cm stack; may be used for 2D and 3D accuracy.​

Adaptable for physicist, technologist and researcher

  • Configurable for physicists' acceptance and routine testing, and technologists' daily/weekly tests
  • Simulate compressed breast from 2.5 cm up to 10 cm
  • Easily move test objects closer to or further from the beam or detector

Multifunctional to evaluate the entire imaging chain

  • High-attenuating objects to test projection images
  • Low constrast objects and simulated dense breast tissue for reconstructed images
Modules and Targets Tomosynthesis QC Test Physicist Technologist
Services Engineer
Aluminum Alloy Sheets CNR, ESF, Volume Coverage, 2D and 3D Accuracy
Tungsten Wires MTF, LSF, 2D and 3D Accuracy
Barium Grooves Missing Tissue at Chest Wall
BBs aligned in x, y, and z-axis 2D and 3D Accuracy, Artifact Evaluation, Flat Field 3D
Calcifications, Masses, Fibers Image Quality, Routine Clinical Assessment, 2D and 3D Accuracy
Rounded Edge, No Targets Decrease Artifacts in Reconstruction
S3 Product Dicom 1

Left: Flat Field Tomo Protocol at 34 kVp; Right: Tomosynthesis Projection at 33 kVp. Test Contrast to Noise Ratio, ESF or 2D and 3D Accuracy with the overlapping sheets of Aluminum Alloy.

S3 Product Dicom 3

The barium-filled grooves support testing for missing tissue at the chest wall.

S3 Product Dicom 2

Projection image at 29 kVp, 4.5 cm module stack with Tungsten Wires and BBs.

S3 Product Dicom 4

Optional Glandular Breast and Adipose Breast homogeneous modules are available.

Gain comprehensive testing capabilities

The following tests1 can be performed using the Modular DBT Phantom:

  • System projection MTF
  • Position objects in X-Y-Z planes
  • Image quality
  • Artifact evaluation
  • Contrast to Noise (CNR)
  • Line Spread Function (LSF)
  • 2D and 3D geometry
  • Volume coverage
  • Edge Spread Function (ESF)
S4 Product Dicoms

Tomosynthesis reconstructions include Tungsten Wires and Barium Grooves. These modules may be used to test MTF, LSF and missing tissue at the chest wall.


The Modular DBT Phantom is backed by a 5-year warranty, and includes 6 standard modules: Aluminum Alloy (2); Tungsten Wires (1); BBs (1); Barium Grooves (1); and Rounded Edge (1). Detailed user guide, Back Plate Assembly and waterproof carrying case with custom foam insert included.

Modules Target Characteristics Module
Thickness (mm)
or Optional
Hammerstein Material
Aluminum Alloy; Pink 1100 sheet, 0.1 mm thick 5 Standard 50%/50% mix of Adipose and Glandular
Tungsten Wires; Pink 2 wires, 25 micron diameter 10 Standard 50%/50% mix of Adipose and Glandular
BBs; Pink 14 BBs, 7 aligned in x, y and z-axis 15 Standard 50%/50% mix of Adipose and Glandular
Barium Grooves; Pink Barium-filled grooves, 5 mm spacing 10 Standard 50%/50% mix of Adipose and Glandular
Rounded Edge; Pink No targets 20 Optional 50%/50% mix of Adipose and Glandular
Calcifications, Masses, Fibers; Pink AI2O2 specks, tumor-like masses, lesion-like fibrils 20 Optional 50%/50% mix of Adipose and Glandular
Simulated Breast; Pink No targets 5, 10, 20 Optional 50%/50% mix of Adipose and Glandular
Simulated Glandular Breast; Purple No targets 10, 20 Optional 100% Glandular
Simulated Adipose Breast; Yellow No targets 10, 20 Optional 100% Adipose

All homogeneous modules are epoxy resin-based, with dimensions of 180 mm x 10mm.

  • EUREF (European Reference Organization for Quality Assured Breast Screening and Diagnostic Services) Protocol version 1.01 for the Quality Control of the Physical and Technical Aspects of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Systems.
  • 2 Hammerstein R., Miller D., White D., et al; Absorbed Dose in Mammography; RADIOL­OGY;130:485-491.


S6 Case

A wheeled case is included with your Modular DBT Phantom.