CT ACR 464 Phantom

Leverage a sophisticated design to comply with guidelines, and more.

  • The only phantom needed to meet American College of Radiology (ACR) accreditation guidelines
  • Versatility permits checking of multiple parameters, efficiently

With the CT ACR 464 Phantom, you gain a multi-functional resource for your department.

Not only is it essential for compliance, it allows the testing of: positioning and alignment; CT number accuracy; slice thickness; low contrast detectability, image resolution; image uniformity; spatial resolution; inter and intra plane distance measurement accuracy; and more.


  • Single phantom permits checking multiple parameters
  • Compact design makes the phantom safe to store and easy to transport
  • Automated software allows for fast and simple reporting of results

Standard CT ACR 464 Phantom Modules 


Optional Low Contrast Detectability Module

Expand the capabilities of your 464 with the new Low Contrast Detectability Module. This module tests the low contrast detectability of even the most demanding CT scanners using three contrast levels, scientifically-sized objects, and noise-robust redundancy.

  • Three precisely formulated contrast levels test performance across a range of scanners and protocols
  • Robust against noise with two objects at each size and contrast
  • Evaluates radial dependence of contrast detectability
  • Tests full-slice and sub-slice detectability
  • Every phantom is manufactured in-house by Gammex and independently verified before shipment
  • Fits perfectly with your CT ACR 464 Phantom and/or Extensions

Low Contrast Detectability Module Specifications

Material: Epoxy interior, with a shell of our new Zero HU High Equivalency Solid Water
Diameter: 20.0 cm (7.9 in)
Length: 4.0 cm (1.57 in)
Contrast Levels: 0.3 % (3 HU), 0.6 % (6 HU), 1.0 % (10 HU)
Sizes at Each Contrast Level: 25 mm, and 2 at each of 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, and 12 mm
Sizes of Sub-slice Objects: 2, 3, 5, 7, and 10 mm (cylinder diameter and length), at each contrast level


Material: PolZero HU Solid Water®
Diameter: 20.0 cm (7.9 in)
Length: 16.0 cm (6.3 in)
Weight: 5.3 kg (11.7 lbs)

Imbedded Test Objects

MaWater Equivalent Linearity Rod: Solid Water, Zero HU
Bone Equivalent Linearity Rod: Bone tissue equivalent material
Acrylic Linearity Rod: Cast Acrylic
Polyethylene Linearity Rod: Low Density Polyethylene
Low Contrast Module Matrix: Ciba Geigy CB4 epoxy or equivalent
Low Contrast Rods: Ciba Geigy CB4 epoxy (density adjusted to yield 6 ±0.5 HU difference) or equivalent
Tungsten Carbide Beads: 0.28 mm (0.011 in) in diameter grade 25 tungsten carbide beads
Line pair Material: 6061 Aluminum and Polystyrene
Steel Beads Intra-module Homogeneity: The mean ROI values within any module, test objects excluded, can differ by no more than 2 HU
Intra-phantom homogeneity modules 1, 3 & 4: The average CT number a module must meet the requirements of 0 ±5 HU
Additional Accessories: Phantom Stand, Hard Case, Soft Case Automated Analysis Software


CT ACR 464 Phantom Body Ring

The CT ACR 464 Phantom can easily be inserted into the 464 Body Ring adapter to permit fast imaging QA for a better indication assessment of a scanner’s performance with large patients.

CT ACR 464 Phantom Extensions

The CT ACR 464 Phantom Extensions plates accurately represent scatter effects from widebeam CT scanners, thus eliminating the need to add a water bolus or other material when measuring the Phantom.