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Performance of a Multi-axis Ionization Chamber Array in a 1.5 T Magnetic Field

K Smit et al., Physics in Medicine and Biology, 59(7) (2014)

Measuring Beam Energy and Symmetry Constancy with an Ion Chamber Array

Varian Medical Systems, Inc., Varian Technical Bulletin

Wide Field Array Calibration Dependence on Beam Shape Stability

T Simon et al., Med. Phys. 37, 3428 (2010)

IC Profiler Study: The End of Water Tank Measurements for Monthly QA?

C Furstoss et al., Med. Phys. 36, 2611 (2009)

Dosimetry QA of Scanned Proton Beam with An Ion Chamber Array

L Zhao et al., Med. Phys. 36, 2605 (2009)

An MLC calibration method using a detector array

T Simon et al., Med. Phys. 36, 4495 (2009)

Characterizing a Multi Axis Ion Chamber Array

T Simon et al., Med. Phys. 36, 2582 (2009)