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Daily QA 3™ raises the bar for routine QA of therapeutic linear accelerators. Data collection is automated, and the Daily QA 3 user routine is guaranteed to be the easiest, most user friendly system available. Accepted data is automatically written to a trend-analysis database in real time, where it is available for review and analysis. With a simple two step operation and quick analysis, the Daily QA 3 is the leader in daily QA.

Daily QA 3 Hardware
The DAILY QA 3 uses a total of 25 specially designed detectors, both ion chamber and diode, to obtain the best possible results in real-time: Daily QA3 Overlay
  • 12 precision SunPoint® Diode Detectors
  • 5 rectangular and circular ion chambers
  • 4 curved ion chambers
  • 4 circular ion chambers
  • rf-Daily QA™ 3 real-time wireless option also available

Daily QA3 Applications

Advanced measurement options include:
  • Radiation Field Size
  • Electron & Photon Energy Drift (no flipping or extra buildup required)
  • Available Real-Time Wireless Data Transfer
  • FFF beams supported
    • No additional buildup required
Traditional measurement functions:
  • Axial Symmetry
  • Transverse Symmetry
  • Flatness
  • Dose


  • Guaranteed easiest interface available
  • Works seamlessly with our ATLAS QA database solution
  • Data storage is automatic
  • Automatic temperature and pressure corrections

Features and Specifications

Frequently Asked Questions
 General Questions -

Is the Daily QA 3 wireless?

The rf-Daily QA 3 is available with wireless operation for customers seeking cable-free, REAL TIME operation. For customers who do not desire this feature, the Daily QA 3 will operate in the same manner using a single power data cable (the same cable as used in other Sun Nuclear arrays.) Customers using wireless on the Daily QA 3 can switch from wireless to wired operation at any time.

Can the DAILY QA 3 be used with the IMF™?

Yes. The Daily QA 3 can be used in the IMF and will be held at 100cm SDD for measurement at any gantry angle.

Does the DAILY QA 3 use diodes or ion chambers?

Sun Nuclear believes in using the right components for the right application. The DAILY QA 3 uses both diodes and vented ionization (ion) chambers. Each detector offers advantages for particular applications. For this reason the Daily QA 3 uses both types of detector.

Is software included with the DAILY QA 3?

Yes. The DAILY QA 3 includes all necessary software, including a database for trend analysis.

Can the DAILY QA 3 be used for photons and electrons?

Yes. The same functionality exists for both photon and electron beams. No additional accessories nor flipping of the device are required to switch between QA of electron and photon beams.

Can the DAILY QA 3 be used with an Elekta Synergy which has a maximum field size of 16 x 21cm?

Yes. The Daily QA 3 can be setup at 125cm SSD and a 16 x 16cm field size for an effective field size of 20 x 20.

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