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The MapCHECK® 2 Advantage
  • Most Detectors - 1527 SunPoint® Diode Detectors; more than any 2D array  [ Why Diodes?]

  • Largest Field Size - 32 x 26cm; the largest of any 2D array [image]

  • Highest Density - 7.07mm uniform spacing across the entire 2D array

  • Suitable for Arc Delivery- The MapCHECK 2 has been clinically
    used on RapidArc®, VMAT and TomoTherapy® machines*

  • DICOM Listener Feature - Provides time-savings and workflow efficiencies by ’listening’ for DICOM files and saving them in a user-specified target directory

  • Target Motion and Gating QA - MapCHECK 2 can be used for gating and
    target motion QA when used with MotionSim™

  • Real-time measurements - With a sampling frequency of 50ms, the
    MapCHECK 2 provides measurement results in real-time

  • FFF Support
IMRT QA Should Be Simple
  • Easy to Setup
    • Single power/data cable connection
    • Use on the treatment couch or at prescription angle using the Isocentric Mounting Fixture (IMF™)
    • When centered on CAX, registration is automatic
  • User Calibration
    • Patented wide field array calibration
    • No need to send the unit back to the manufacturer
    • Calibration only takes 15 minutes annually
  • Absolute Dose Measurements
    • No warm-up time required for absolute dose measurements
    • Measure absolute dose with a simple one-minute dose calibration

SNC Patient™ Software
  • Based on over 5 years of clinical feedback, SNC Patient Software is the most
    user-friendly package available
  • Simple 2 button operation: Start, Compare
  • MapCHECK main software screen
  • Executive Dashboard: All data and analysis visible on one screen
  • Change analysis criteria instantly (% Diff, DTA, Gamma)
  • Profiles, Histograms, Beam QA, and more
  • Filter analysis by patient specific target & critical structure

Features and Specifications

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