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The PROFILER Advantage
Sets up in Minutes and Easy to Use
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Single power/data cable
  • No pre-irradiation required
  • No warm-up required
User Calibration
  • User calibrated every 1-2 years using a patented calibration method
  • No need to send back to manufacturer
Key Benefits
  • Quick and precise beam QA measurement
  • Full field measurement instead of a single point
    • Identify startup/time dependent anomalies
  • Sets up in minutes versus hours for a water tank
  • Low signal to noise (0.15%)
  • One measurement checks multiple parameters
    • Includes flatness, symmetry, field size, beam center, penumbra width, Light: radiation coincidence
  • Advanced applications
    • Includes beam constancy, steering, diagnostics, collimator and rotational sag QA
  • Accepted and proven for clinical and factory use
  • For MRI compatibility the IC PROFILER(tm) MR is also available.

Features of the IC PROFILER and PROFILER 2
Detector type: Modified parallel plate ion chamber SunPoint® Diode Detectors
Detector quantity:
251 Total: X Axis: 63 / Y Axis: 65
-Diagonal: 63 / +Diagonal: 63
139 Total: X Axis: 57
Y Axis: 83
Detector spacing (mm): 5.0 4.0
Detector width (mm): 2.9 0.8
Active detector volume(cm3): 0.046 0.000019
Detector sensitivity (nC/Gy): 14.4 32.0
Signal to Noise1: 0.15% with 125ms update and 400 MU/min 0.15% with 125ms update and 400 MU/min
Sampling frequency (ms): 125 100.0
Detector stability: 0.5%/kGy at 6MV 0.5%/kGy at 6MV
Dose rate limit (Gy/min): 100 56.0
Field size (cm): 32.0 x 32.0 (45cm diagonals) 22.4 x 32.8
Water equivalent &
physical depth (cm):
0.9 1.0
Top plate construction: Polycarbonate Virtual Water™
Bottom plate construction: Acrylic Virtual Water™
Radiation measured: Electrons: 4 MeV to 25MeV
Photons: Co-60 to 25MV
Electrons: 4 MeV to 25 MeV
Photons: : Co-60 to 25 MV
Operating system: Windows 7 or Windows XP 32 or 64-bit Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32-64bit)
Dimensions (cm) / Weight (kg): 5.0 x 42.0 x 51.0 / 8.8 6.0 x 25.6 x 52.0 / 5.0
Number of connection cables: Single power/data cable Single power/data cable
For use in magnetic resonance (MR) static fields up to 0.35 Tesla.


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Frequently Asked Questions
 General Questions -

Why did Sun Nuclear choose ionization chambers, not diodes, for the IC PROFILER?

Sun Nuclear produces both diodes and ionization chambers, and believes in utilizing the right detector for the right application. The intended applications for the IC PROFILER are Linac servicing and annual QA. These applications require TMR/PDD curve plotting and central axis output measurement for large fields, both of which are well suited for ionization chambers. Diodes offer significant benefits due to their small size, and diodes continue to be Sun Nuclear’s flagship detector; however small detector size was not required for this application.

Can I measure a 40x40cm field with the IC PROFILER?

Yes. The IC PROFILER may be used at an SSD of 75cm to measure a 40 x 40 field along the penumbra. An IC PROFILER ion chamber is 2.9mm across, which is equivalent to 3.8mm across at 75cm SSD. IC PROFILER is typically used for flatness, symmetry, field size, and beam shift; none of which are affected by an SSD change. Large field sizes are used to measure MV energy change which is easily accomplished at a lower SSD. The smaller size of IC PROFILER offers better portability without a reduction in functionality.

Why are some of the ionization chambers curved?

The curved chamber design allows minimization of dose volume averaging and increases sensitivity.

I have a PROFILER or PROFILER 2, why would I need the IC PROFILER?

Operation of all PROFILER devices is similar. Compared to the PROFILER 2, the IC PROFILER offers diagonals, has a larger field size, and larger detectors. In many cases it will be a matter of preference, but generally the PROFILER 2 remains the gold standard for Linac QA and troubleshooting, and the IC PROFILER fills a need for Linac servicing and annual QA that may otherwise require a 1D or 3D tank.

AAPM 2013 User Meeting
Now Playing
Effective Annual QA with the IC PROFILER
by Jason Tracy, M.S., DABR
Tammy Walker Cancer Center


Electron Wedges
  • Electron energies
  • Quick Constancy checks for Electrons
  • No tools needed, fits exactly on ICP surface

Sun Nuclear is an ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 registered company
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