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The IVD 2 Advantage
  • Expand to 52 inputs for TBI
  • Programmable Control Module
  • Use with industry standard re-usable detector options
  • QED - flat for easy patient placement
  • IsoRad - cylindrical for isotropic response
  • Simple to install, and easy to use
  • Automatic patient temperature compensation
  • Real-time wireless available (rf-IVD 2)
    • Safely keep cables off the treatment floor
  • Use with Control Module or PC Software
  • Patient database and correction factor tools
  • Accuracy and reliability proven worldwide

IVD 2 Choices

IVD 2 Choices
IVD 2:
  • Real-time wired operation
  • Four standard channels
  • Expandable to 52
  • Standard Control Module and PC software
rf-IVD 2 adds:
  • Wireless operation
  • No cables on treatment room floor
  • Eight standard channels
Control Module:
  • PC not required
  • Takes up less space
  • Wall mountable
PC Software adds:
  • Patient database
  • Automatic correction factors
  • Record and Verify interface
  • Additional measurement options
Detector Choices
QED Easy Placement Dose Monitoring

  • Flat design for easy placement on patient
  • Accurate and stable Sun Nuclear diode
  • Active dimension of 0.8 x 0.8mm
  • 32 nC/Gy sensitivity
  • 3m cable length
IsoRad Angular Independent Dose Monitoring

  • Patient database
  • Automatic correction factors
  • Record and Verify interface
  • Additional measurement options

Features and Specifications

Frequently Asked Questions
 General Questions -

I have an IVD™ but it looks different from this model. Has the design changed?

Yes. The Model 1135 IVD™ was manufactured by Sun Nuclear from 2002 through September of 2005. The new Model 1137 IVD 2 offers several significant changes that include:

  • Simplified design, no batteries
  • Control Module is now standard
  • Four standard channels instead of three
  • Compact and Robust LEMO connectors
  • Simplified temperature correction routine now uses look-up table

I have BNC connectors, will they work with the new IVD 2?

Yes. Using adapters, you can convert your BNC connector to a LEMO connector. We will also retrofit any BNC connector to LEMO if desired by the customer.

How do the batteries work (Can they be damaged)?

The Model 1137 IVD 2 does not use batteries.

I may need to use my IVD 2 for TBI. Is this possible?

The IVD 2 may be used for TBI using the Windows PC Software which is included with every unit. Additional channels may be added to the system, for a total of 52 channels.

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