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EasyCube is a cubic phantom that can be used to verify dose distributions in IMRT, including head and neck and stereotactic applications.

  • Dose measurements
    - Ionization chambers
    - TLD´s
    - Film

  • Simulation of heterogeneities
    - Bones / adipose / muscle / lung
    - Cavities
    - Artifacts (e.g. titanium)

  • CT scanner QA
    - Calibration of Hounsfield scale

  • Stereotactic QA



Frequently Asked Questions
 General Questions -

How do I handle the artifacts seen in the CT image of the integrated stainless steel markers in each slab?”

You can use a generic mass density of 1.05 g/cm³ for the entire EasyCube assembly. This would eliminate the CT artifacts from these pins and simplify the TPS calculation. You can also use your clinical CT table for your dose calculation.

When do I need the two RW3 half shells that are available for the Body Phantom?

They can be fixed with corresponding adapter plates on two opposite sides of the cube, for to creating a cross section, which is similar to the human thorax or abdomen.

What can these half-shells be used for?

Besides the upgrades to a body phantom, adapters can also be used to upgrade the whole phantom to a cylinder. This upgrade was constructed for measurements in a CT-scanner, when a (large) round cross section of the Phantom is required.

Can the Body Phantom also be used to calibrate the Hounsfield values of a CT-Scanner?

Yes. If a CT-scan with this phantom, that is equipped with in-homogeneities, is performed, the Hounsfield values in the field of the in-homogeneities can be measured with the software of the CT-scanner. This provides clear identification of the measured values and physical density values.

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