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Sun Nuclear News

We are excited to announce our new and improved Support site! Thanks to your feedback, we have developed a whole new experience for you to get instant access to your products, downloads, cases, important notifications and more. Improvements include:

  • New Dashboard with Important Notifications
  • Easy Navigation
  • Speed and Performance Improvements
  • New Search Feature with Keywords
  • Easy Case Creation with File Attachment Capabilities
  • Simplified Product Asset Accessibility
  • Quick Case Lookup and Status


Sun Nuclear hosted its 8th Annual QA & Dosimetry Symposium in Orlando, Florida.
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Sun Nuclear introduced their very first digital edition of the QA & Dosimetry News (QADN). Sun Nuclear started the QADN in print format in 2010. The mission has always been to share timely updates and clinically useful information for radiation oncology quality assurance and dosimetry. This year, we continue to fulfill this mission using a new environmentally friendly digital format.


Melbourne, Florida, USA – December 3, 2014 - Sun Nuclear Corporation announces their latest product, SNC Machine™, a new solution for the common quality assurance tests associated with radiation therapy imaging modalities, as recommended by TG-142. Read More ›

Melbourne, Florida USA – June 10, 2014 - Sun Nuclear Corporation (“SNC”) announced today their intended acquisition of Gammex, Inc., located in Middleton, WI USA, (“Gammex”) effective July 2nd, 2014. The acquisition combines the companies’ two complementary product lines within the Radiation Oncology marketplace. It also adds Gammex’s Diagnostic Radiology Quality Assurance (QA) capability to SNC’s already dominant market position in therapeutic Radiation Oncology QA and Dosimetry. Read More ›

Sun Nuclear is proud to announce the transfer of ownership of Quality Reports from Canis Lupus LLC to Sun Nuclear. As with all Sun Nuclear products, our plan is to further invest in Quality Reports so it can become the worldwide standard in helping clinics continually improve their patient treatment plans and meet their electronic medical record requirements.
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Melbourne, Florida, USA – April 2, 2014 - Sun Nuclear Corporation (SNC) announced today their acquisition of core technology, processes, and personnel from Radiation Oncology Resources, Inc. (ROR, Goshen, IN) effective April 1st. The acquisition expands SNC’s expertise within radiation therapy quality systems and strengthens its leadership position as a global, trusted provider of quality-focused Radiation Oncology products and training services. Read More ›

"Evaluation of semiempirical VMAT dose reconstruction on a patient dataset based on biplanar diode array measurements," V. Feygelman et al., J Appl Clin Med. Phys. 15(2) (2014) ›

We report the results of a preclinical evaluation of recently introduced commercial tools for 3D patient IMRT/VMAT dose reconstruction, the Delta4 Anatomy calculation algorithm. Based on the same initial measurement, volumetric dose can be reconstructed in two ways. Three-dimensional dose on the Delta4 phantom can be obtained by renormalizing the planned dose distribution by the measurement values (D4 Interpolation). Alternatively, incident fluence can be approximated from the phantom measurement and used for volumetric dose calculation on an arbitrary (patient) dataset with a pencil beam algorithm (Delta4 PB). The primary basis for comparison was 3D dose obtained by previously validated measurement-guided planned dose perturbation method (ACPDP), based on the ArcCHECK dosimeter with 3DVH software. Read Full Publication ›

Keywords: VMAT QA; diode array; measurement-guided dose reconstruction; patient dose reconstruction

Sun Nuclear Announces Quality Reports [EMR]® Software Distribution Agreement
Sun Nuclear Corporation, and Canis Lupus LLC announced today that Sun Nuclear will assume worldwide exclusive distribution of Quality Reports [EMR]; the latest Radiation Oncology innovation from Canis Lupus LLC, effective April 1, 2014. Read More ›

ESTRO | Vienna, Austria | April 4-8th, 2014
Sun Nuclear Satellite Symposium
Learn how Sun Nuclear's latest developments in QA and Dosimetry are being applied to enhance patient safety.
See Program Agenda and Register ›

Sun Nuclear In-Booth Talks | Booth #5500
Hear from medical physicists on how Sun Nuclear tools fit in their clinical workflow. Register now and receive a free 2014 ESTRO t-shirt when you attend. See Program Agenda and Register ›
7th Annual QA & Dosimetry Symposium | February 21-22nd, Orlando, Florida
This year's symposium brought in over 200 attendees from around the world. The annual symposium is the only event for Medical Physicists and Dosimetrists that brings leading clinical innovators together to discuss the latest practices and issues exposing attendees to practical talks on new and relevant products, processes, and techniques in today's evolving Radiation Oncology environment. Register Now for 2015 ›
Sun Nuclear Corporation | Manufacturer of the Year
Sun Nuclear Corporation was named Manufacturer of the Year at the Economic Development Commission (EDC) of Florida's Space Coast on January 23rd during the “Investor Update" meeting that coincided with the “Made in Brevard" expo at the Melbourne Auditorium in Melbourne, Florida. Read Full Article ›

What's New:
3DVH® 3.0 Now Available
  • Support for non-coplanar arc deliveries
  • 3D phantom dose with VirtualGel™
  • QuickStat templates for standardization and reuse
Learn More ›

NEW! Respiratory MotionSim™
  • Understand motion effects on estimated patient dose
  • Determine if motion management is necessary
  • QA motion management plans
  • No need for additional hardware
Learn More ›
ImagePro Software for TG-142 Update

In response to public statements made by Mobius Medical Systems LP, (Mobius), and the grant of a preliminary injunction regarding the sale of the Sun Nuclear ImagePro product for TG-142, Sun Nuclear would like to issue the following statements. Read More ›

Medical Physics Training Courses | Melbourne, Florida

Annual Linac QA Course | Sun Nuclear Training Center, Melbourne, FL
Presented by Jason Tracy, M.S., DABR | December 6, 2013

Upcoming Events

7th Annual QA & Dosimetry Symposium ›

Join us for our 7th Annual QA & Dosimetry Symposium, the only event for Medical Physicists and Dosimetrists that brings leading clinical innovators together to discuss the latest practices and issues related to QA and dosimetry in radiation oncology.

Sun Nuclear Statement on ImagePro™

In response to public statements made by Mobius Medical Systems LP, (Mobius), regarding Sun Nuclear and our ImagePro product for TG-142, Sun Nuclear would like to issue the following statements. Read More ›

Product News

Different by Design: 3D SCANNER Advantages | Videos Now Live! ›

More than just a different shape, the 3D SCANNER saves time and improves beam scanning data quality.

Video Topics:
  • AutoSetup™
  • Detector Compatibility
  • Cylindrical Design
  • SNC Dosimetry Software
  • Off-Axis Scanning

ImagePro™ Webinar Series

ImagePro Solution for TG-142

ImagePro software and phantoms deliver a comprehensive TG-142 solution that is fast, accurate, and easy to use.

Available Dates:

New Product Offering:
New! ImagePro™ Solution for TG-142
  • Fast – Executes your tasks automatically in minutes
  • Accurate – Stringent QA that identifies random and systemic errors
  • Easy to Use – Plug and play setup with intuitive user interface
Sun Nuclear / Mobius Joint Statement

Effective September 8, 2013, for the US market, and January 1, 2014, for non-US markets, Sun Nuclear Corporation will transition from an exclusive to a non-exclusive distributor of DoseLab and FractionCHECK. Both products will continue to be offered by Sun Nuclear as well as the manufacturer, Mobius Medical Systems, LP.

ArcCHECK®, MapCHECK® 2, EPIDose™ and 3DVH® – U.S. FDA 510(k) cleared

Sun Nuclear is pleased to announce that ArcCHECK, MapCHECK 2, EPIDose and 3DVH have successfully completed the reclassification process and have received US FDA 510(k) clearance under regulation 21 CFR 892.5050.

  • ArcCHECK 510(k) K131466
  • MapCHECK 2 510(k) K131466
  • EPIDose 510(k) K131704
  • 3DVH 510(k) K131862
Upcoming Events
11th Annual Sun Nuclear User Meeting at AAPM. Learn how the latest enhancements in QA & Dosimetry are implemented to enhance patient safety.
What's New:
  • Stereotactic (SRS/SRT/SBRT) end-to-end testing and patient-specific QA
  • Multi-functional cube inserts increase efficiency
  • No tools required
Daily QA™ Software V2.5
Daily QA Software V2.5
  • Users can now define two action levels (warning level and failure level) for
    data results
  • Template enhancements including Flattening Filter Free beam options
  • Absolute dose calibration
    per device instead of per template
3D TPR Accessory
  • Measurements possible on fill and drain of the tank
  • Less than 5 minute setup with no tools required
  • Average of 3 minutes per scan
PC Electrometer™/ 1D SCANNER™ Software V1.3.1
PC Electrometer/ 1D SCANNER Software V1.3.1
  • Added integrated pulse counts column to the text or Excel logged data file
  • Log function now added to capture the change history of the Laboratory Calibration Factors and Composite Quantity Transform Factors for greater data integrity security
  • Added verification that the beam type delivered (pulsed or continuous) matches the analysis mode selected in the PCE/1DS software for high current deliveries
SNC Dosimetry™ Software V2.0 SNC Dosimetry Software V2.0
  • Profile graphing during AutoSetup™
  • TPR measurement support
  • Support for IAEA protocol
Product Listing Classification Revision – US only

As an FDA registered medical device manufacturer, Sun Nuclear provides an FDA product listing classification for all medical devices that it manufactures. Sun Nuclear is revising the product listing classification for MapCHECK 2, ArcCHECK, EPIDose, and 3DVH devices in the US, and until this classification is complete, these devices are only available to customers outside the US. An application to reclassify these devices under 21CFR892.5050 (Medical charged-particle radiation therapy system) versus the prior 21CFR892.1940 (Radiologic quality assurance instrument) is in process. We are hopeful that reclassification will be complete in July 2013. This reclassification does not affect current users of MapCHECK 2, ArcCHECK, EPIDose, and 3DVH. If you have any questions on this, please contact us.


ESTRO 2013
April 19-23, Geneva, Switzerland
Visit us at Booth #4800

Join us for the ESTRO Satellite Symposium on Sunday, April 21st. Register Today!

Sun Nuclear is excited to be announcing their newest products and latest updates at ESTRO 2013. Visit us at our ESTRO Booth #4800. Meet some of the leading clinical innovators of the Radiation Oncology industry and learn about the latest developments in QA.

New Video Testimonial

"Designed with efficiency in mind."
- Sam Hancock, Ph.D.

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New Sun Nuclear Corporate Headquarters

Sun Nuclear has moved our corporate headquarters to a new and larger location in Melbourne, Florida. The new location nearly doubles total office and manufacturing space. The new corporate address for Sun Nuclear is listed below.

Sun Nuclear Corporation
3275 Suntree Boulevard
Melbourne, Florida 32940

New Varian 21EX

The addition of a Varian 21EX at our new corporate headquarters brings Sun Nuclear’s radiation bunkers to a total of three. Our two linacs and single cobalt 60 machine are used for Research and Development, Manufacturing Test, and Customer Training. Our new 21EX will be the centerpiece of a new customer training facility to open in the latter half of 2013.

Customer Support – Here When You Need It

Sun Nuclear’s Support Operations team offers more than technical support. With over 20 dedicated members on our Support Operations team, our primary goal is to provide fast answers to your questions, whatever the situation.

  • On Site Training and Installation – hands on assistance by trained professionals.
  • Web Based Training – interactive and dedicated online training to help you do more faster.
  • Online Support – 24/7 access to product documentation, software,
    tutorials, and more.
  • Phone Support – live support is only a phone call away.
Sun Nuclear Support Operations
Product Upgrades:
Updates - ATLAS 1.4:
  • Enhanced QA Test Building Tools
  • Web updates of Test Builder QA Tests and ATLAS Reports
  • Automatic Daily QA™ 3 and PROFILER™ 2 device exchange
  • Enhancements to Machine Maintenance
New PROFILER 3.3 features include:
  • SNC Dosimetry 3D SCANNER Profile Import
  • Array and Dose Calibrations Saved to SRS PROFILER Hardware
  • Diagonal Flatness (IC PROFILER only).
Product Upgrades
SNC Patient™ 6.2 Available:
  • Gantry angle QA using ArcCHECK device
  • Gantry rotation QA using star shot analysis with ArcCHECK device
  • Gantry speed QA using ArcCHECK device
  • MLC/Collimator QA using ArcCHECK device
  • Beam profile flatness and symmetry using ArcCHECK
  • Delivery system short-term and long-term reproducibility
  • Collimator rotation QA using starshot and isocentricity test with ArcCHECK and MapCHECK 2 devices
  • Couch rotation QA using starshot and isocentricity test with ArcCHECK and MapCHECK 2 devices
  • Merge ArcCHECK measurements to create double detector density
  • Batch analysis for ArcCHECK measurements
  • Improved ArcCHECK user array calibration procedure
  • Save and load an analysis session in the Control Point Analysis module for ArcCHECK
New 3DVH FAQs:
New Frequently Asked Questions are now posted for 3DVH. Click here to learn more about how 3DVH has changed patient QA for the better.
Sun Nuclear is an ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 registered company
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